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Directors of the 5th Board of Directors of the China Association for International Friendly

Yi Xian, Vice-chairman of the CAIFC


Wang Yuan former Chief Economist of China Development Bank


Ma Jiali, Senior researcher of China Reform Forum


Wang Wen, Chairman of LianheLida Property Co., Ltd.


Wang Jian, Deputy Director-General of No.11Bureau of The United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee


Wang Wenqing,chief physician and professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Air Force General Hospital, PLA


Wang Yisheng, Research fellow of Department of World Military Studies of Academy of Military Sciences


Wang Shuzeng, First-class writer of Chinese Writers Association


Wang Chaozhu, Scriptwriter of Chinese Writers Association


Wen Jiang, Chairman of Xinjiang Xinjie Co., Ltd.


Deng Rong, Vice-chairman of the CAIFC


Ye Xiaogang, Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association  


Fu Xianting, Chairman of Gongfa International (Cambodia) Investment Group


SimaJunping,Board Chair of HuaJun Investment Group Co., Ltd


Xing Guangcheng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director and Researcher of the Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies, CASS


Zhu Min, Vice Chair of the China Fund of International Studies


Zhu Feng, Director of Nanjing University of the South China Sea Synergy Innovation Research Center


Zhu Jianguo, Executive Director of Whale Capital Holdings Limited


ZhuangRuiyun, Chairman of Shanghai Magnolia Culture and Arts Development Corporation


Liu Hanwu, Council member of the CAIFC


Liu Zhiqiang, Former Chairman of CITICXinBang Asset Management Corporation Ltd.


Liu Yaoping, Board Chair of Wanxin Holding Group Co., Ltd.


Sun Shihai, Director,Center of South Asian Studies of China


Sun Zhuangzhi, Director of Institute of Russian East European & Central Asian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS).


Yang Gang, Council member of the CAIFC


Yan Wenbin, Deputy Director of Xinhua News Agency


Du Ying, Chairman of Beijing Jinqiu Cultural Industry Park


Li Nan, President of China Philharmonic Orchestra


Li Tang, Professor of Institute of Chinese Traditional Arts and Culture, Peking University


Li Zhe, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riverside Group Investment Co., Ltd.


Li Yonghui, Dean of School of International Relations and Diplomacy of Beijing Foreign Studies University


Li Hongbing, Teacher of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts


Li Linzhi, Chairman of Hainan Golden Sun Cultural Communications Inc.


Li Guoqiang, Member of Office of Central Maritime Rights and Interests


Li Xueming, Consultant of Myanmar Pangkham Cigarette Co., Ltd.


Li Haoyu, Secretary-general of the CAIFC


Li Chenyang, Vice-President of Yunnan University


Li Shuming, Chairman of Strategic Management Committee of Shanghai Shenke Investment Group


Yang Rui, Host of English Channel China Media Group


Yang Wenjian, Vice president of Beijing Youth Daily


Yang Hongwei, Secretary-General, center for international strategic studies of Counselors’ Office of the State Council


Wu Daihui, Director of the Eurasian Strategic Research Center of Tsinghua University


Cen Song, Council member of the CAIFC


Qiu Guohong, Former Chinese Ambassador to Republic of Korea


Yu Long, Chairman of Beijing Music Festival Arts Committee


Xin Qi, Vice-chairman of the CAIFC


Wang Yao, Party Secretary,Vice president of Beijing Hospital


Zhang Yong, Chairman of Board of Directors of Merrill Lynch Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Zhang Yongduo, Vice president of China Cultural Heritage Foundation


Zhang Yuchen, Board Chair of Beijing ZhichengBaxian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


Zhang Yuyan, Director of Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Zhang Guolong, Director of Recovery Center for soft tissue disorders of PLA


Zhang Weiwei, Director of the Research Center of China’s Development Model


Zhang Xinying, Consultantof Chinese Association of Religious Studies


Chen Yuan, Vice-chairman of the 12th CPPCC


Chen Bin, President of Beijing Huamaosulapan Hotel Development Co., Ltd.


Chen Zhifeng, Chairman of Yema Group Co., Ltd.


Chen Mingming, Member of Public Diplomacy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Chen Zesheng, Chairman of Board of Directors of Nouveau Investment Group Limited


Chen Xiaodong, Vice President of R&F Group


Ouyang Wei, Secretary-general of National Safety Engineering Laboratory of National Defense University


Zhou Hongyi, Chairman of Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhou Xinzheng, Deputy secretary-general of the CAIFC


MengQingyi, Deputy director of Emergency Department of the PLA General Hospital


Zhao Yue, Council member of the CAIFC


HaoXiaohong, Chairman of Beijing Qingyang Group


QianYinghong, Chairman of China Peace Corporation


Gao Hong, Vice president of China Association of Collectors


GaoShuqun, Professor of Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies, Shangdong University


Guo Min, Chairman of Board of Directors of Win Holding Co., Ltd


Tan Liping, Vice president of Shanghai Branch of China Council for Promotion of International Trade


Huang Bin, Permanent Vice President of Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area Entrepreneurs Union


Cao Hu, President of Kotler Marketing Group (China)


Cao Honghui, Senior Expert of China Development Bank


Gong Zheng, President of Beijing Forestry University sponsor of the high-tech joint-stock company


Yan Xuetong, Secretary-general of the World Peace Forum


Liang Qi, Assistant Director of The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development and Reform Commission


Peng Long, Standing CommitteeMember of Party Committee, Executive Vice President (Bureau- Director Level),Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE)


Ge Mei, General manager of Beijing Mengnashi Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd.


Cheng Guoping, External Security Commissioner , Former Vice Foreign Minister,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Qi Jianhong, Chairman of Beijing Bentley Group


Fan Jianchuan, Curator of Jianchuan Museum


Bo Shijiu, Chairman of Beijing Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd.


Wei Shihui, Head of the Neuro-ophthalmology Professional Group of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and professor of the First Ophthalmology Center of the Chinese PLA General Hospital (Technical Grade Three Civilian Major General)


PuCunxin, President of the Chinese Dramatists Association

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