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CAIFC Holds Finals of 21st “Agon · Kiriyama Cup” China Rapid Go Open Tournament
As China is preparing for the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the founding of th......                 
CAIFC Hosts 21th “AgonShukiriyama Cup” China Go Open Tournament
According to the annual exchange and cooperation program with Japanese AgonShu, the 21st “AgonShukir......                 
CAIFC Holds Finals of 21st “Agon · Kiriyama Cup” China Rapid Go Open Tournament
CAIFC Hosts 21th “AgonShukiriyama Cup” China Go Open Tournament
China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) Attended the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations and Held Themed Salon
CAIFC Holds the Third Plenary Session of the Fifth Council
CAIFC President Chen Yuan Meets With Japanese Ambassador to China Yokoi Yutaka
CAIFC Vice President Xin Qi Leads a Delegation to Japan
Vice President Xin Qi Meets with the Delegation of Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association
CAIFC and Agon Shu Present Awards to Teachers and Students of Peking University and BFSU
Center for Peace and Development Studies Holds A Seminar on Annual Retrospect of International Affairs
Center for Peace and Development Studies Co-sponsors US-China Maritime Security Dialogue
Center for Peace and Development Studies delegation took part in the Fifth Forum on South China Sea Studies
CAIFC Representative Participates in the 8th Forum of International Political Economics
CPDS Held A Symposium Entitled “Integrative Diplomacy between China and Developing Regions”
CPDS Holds An Academic Seminar on “Myanmar’s Political Situation and Sino-Myanmar Relations”
CPDS Communicates with Japanese Scholar
Vice-chairman Xin Qi Meets with the Delegation of IISS
CAIFC Convenes the 1 A photo of State Cou Vice Chairman Deng R Vice Chairman Deng R Chairman Li Zhaoxing
China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) held the Third Plenary Session of the Fifth Council of the China Association for International Friendly Contact in Beijing on March 27.[view all]

Dear readers, the First issue of Peace and Development 2019 is published. This issue includes the columns of Analysis of The Asia-Pacific Studies,Middle-East Studies and Monographic Studies. We respectfully invite all readers who are interested in our journal to browse on the “journal publishing” column, and also sincerely welcome your contributions.[view all]

President Chen Yuan
Chen Yuan, male, Han nationality, born in January 1945, Shanghai city. Graduate degree. In March 1970 to participate in the work ...
·Vice President
·Secetary-General ·Standing Council Members
·Council Consultant ·Directors of Council
·The “Indo-Pacific Strategy” of the Trump Administr
·The US Mid-Term Election in 2018 andIts Political
·Three Geopolitical Theories and the “Belt and Road
·The US-Japan Alliance under the Trump Administrati
·On the Thought to Build a Community with a Shared
·The US-Japan Alliance and the Sino-Japanese Relati
·China-Russia Relationship: Full of Strong Dynamics
·Viewing the International Significance of the 19th
·Rethinking the “Period of Strategic Opportunity” i
·Probing into the “Chinese Solution” for the Transf
·Kong Weike's Figure Painting Show is Held in Rongb
·The First Publication Ceremony of Li Ronghai's Glo
·Final Works for Exhibition of Students in Zhang Da
·Shangdong Bearing Shangguan Chaoying Arts Exhibiti
·World Administrative Division
·World Time Zone·World Relief
·World Communication
·Asia·Europe·North America
·Oceania ·Africa
·South America
·The United States President Trump
·Russian President Putin
·French President Emmanuel Macron
·Italy's Prime Minister MATTEO RENZI
·British Prime Minister Theresa Mary May
·Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzou
·Recordation of Intellectual Property Rights
·Classified Inquiries over Answers for Foreigners’ Questions
·List of Schools for Foreign Children
·Online Inquires about Charges and Regulations on Certification of Foreign Embassies
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